Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wholeness is First Priority: According to Holy, Holy, Holy


When Charles Spurgeon was just 28 years old he preached on what he called "Threefold Sanctification" pointing toward 3 distinct meanings for holy. But in that sermon, he put people on notice how important holiness is in Scripture.

He first said: "Holiness is the architectural plan upon which God builds up His living temple. We read in Scripture of the `beauties of holiness.' Nothing is beautiful before God but that which is holy."

He next says with regard to its importance: "`Holy, Holy, Holy' - the continual cry of the cherubim - is the loftiest song that a creature can offer, and the noblest that the Divine Being can accept. See then, he counts holiness to be His choice treasure."

Notice holy has nothing as its equal in Spurgeon's mind. It is God's highest attribute. Since I see its meaning as essentially that of wholeness, I regard wholeness as my first priority. I hope we all will consider the same.

In Christ,

Pastor Jon

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